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    About Team Jarni

    Thanks to all of you near and far for playing such important and meaningful roles in our lives.  Your friendship, support and encouragement have helped make us who we are today, as we prepare to embark on the next chapter of our lives…

    We at “Team Jarni,” (which is what we call our very exclusive rural street gang) are embarking on new adventures.  As Arnie closes the bricks and mortar of Cool Stuff and channels his creative and eccentric talents in new directions, Joni will finish Family Medicine Residency in the Summer of 2014.

    And then the real fun begins.  Our working model is to live in Columbia six months of the year and in rural Third World countries for the other half of each year.  Joni will be Doctoring home and abroad, and Arnie will be living out his dream as a “trophy husband.”  At home, Arnie is looking forward to unleashing more of his boundless creative energies like www.coolstuffland.com, and seeing to it that Joni’s every need and whim is met.  Abroad, Arnie will be hanging out with the local witch doctors and shamans, starting micro-businesses, and helping to implement clean water and sanitation projects.  He will also administrate Joni’s practices, making sure that we are paid the correct number of chickens per procedure.

    We are excited to combine our love for the town and people of Columbia, family and friends, with the excitement of exploring other lands and cultures and making a positive difference in their lives and futures.  Selfishly, Arnie is secretly hoping that some indigenous tribe one day makes him King.

    We will always welcome visitors to our Kingdoms, domestic and international, but realize that the quality of the accommodations will vary widely!  We would love you to join us in, or follow along on, our adventures!